Finance and Technology

The advent of technology has revolutionized many areas, recognized Franck Peltier, and finance is no exception to this. Most major financial institutions today use digital technology or digital strategy to develop and bring added value to their business! Well, yes, more and more people today are using the Internet, even to perform their financial transactions. It is therefore quite normal that the financial sector is dragged into the mix!

Frank Peltier’s opinion : Relationship between finance and technology

Technological development calls into question the organization and structuring of finance. Transactions and the financial market are greatly affected, resulting in competition between different stakeholders in the sector.
As of today, it would be a shame for a financial institution not to innovate so as to keep up with the current level of technology.
Indeed, all sectors are concerned, ranging from transport and health to banking, etc. As concerns these financial institutions especially, most customers do their transactions online.
In a world where everything is constantly changing, and everything becomes connected, it would be a shame for the financial sector to remain in traditionalism.
Updating computer systems and the creating technological strategies are important for staying abreast of the progress of the digital world.

Protection against cyber crime

Digital development and exposure to web hackers are two sides of the same coin. The financial sector is not free from this phenomenon. Cyber attacks are a serious issue for financial institutions. Therefore, it is important for each institution to ensure a sound internal control, and set up preventive mechanisms.
Furthermore, they must absolutely be accompanied by continual monitoring, to be able to spot the proliferation of these attacks.
It is only by so doing that the financial sector can effectively protect itself said Franck Peltier.

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