New technologies at the service of finance

The capitalist system is based on finance. This area has gained momentum because of the globalization that is transforming the financial system through new technologies. International finance therefore becomes a facilitator of proper allocation of capital, and promoting economic development in each country. New technologies are innovating the financial sector, allowing for mobility of financing. In other words, financial operations are no longer the way they were. That is one subject Franck Peltier works on in Singapour.

Finance and Technology

Financial operations are conducted in several ways including loans, grants, and payment methods.
Companies, in order to finance their development projects, issue shares on the stock market at the expense of bank loans.
Previously, the stock market was a meeting place for buyers and sellers. It was therefore considered a market where listed companies were going to meet investors. These meeting, called trading sessions, made it possible to determine stock prices.
Nowadays, this method was obsolete, because the transactions were dematerialized thanks to the advent of digital technology. Exchanges are now computerized. No more physical encounter between the partners.
We also have the Bitcoin system that promotes the use of virtual currency. We are witnessing lightning-quick new payment methods. The physical world is being brushed aside by the digital world. Payments and financial transactions are now conducted through mobile applications, computer use (purchases, reservations, bank transfers, use of bank cards, etc.).
Remittances are now remote.
These new technologies and digital imaging are therefore changing financial systems in order to facilitate the activities and financial transactions, and thus gain time. !

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